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Acoustic Cleaning Systems and the Alternatives

Aeration Pads seem, at first glance, a cheap solution for Silo discharge flow problems. However, practice may prove otherwise!

In each such application it requires multiple unit installations per Silo Hopper compared with a single Acoustic Cleaner or Sonic Soot Blower. By the very nature of both Silo Hopper 'mass flow' design and dry material composition, the discharge of these materials such as Cement, Chemicals etc, causes abrasive wear to these Aeration Pads which have to take the full force of the discharging material.

By comparison, the single Acoustic Cleaner or Sonic Soot Blower installed at the Hopper discharge does not come into contact with the material but instead delivers an unequalled sonic de-bonding force which both prevents material bridging and facilitates mass flow at maximum discharge rate.

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