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At a Glance

PrimasonicsĀ® offers the largest range of Audiosonic Acoustic Cleaners currently available in the world marketplace and in the widest range of styles, mounting arrangements and installation options.

In Detail

All our PRIMA Range models are manufactured from 316-grade stainless steel as standard with ultra-high temperature steels available on request. They are "spun" to ensure that we achieve a true exponential "bell" shape horn section. This ensures that we achieve the truest fundamental frequencies to provide the most effective range of Audiosonic Acoustic Cleaner.

By also providing all 316 stainless steel construction our clients are assured of many years of continuous high acoustic cleaning performance. Our detailed laboratory studies have shown that unlike similar technologies manufactured from cast mild steel, our sonic horns will not rust or deteriorate, thus providing many years of guaranteed performance.

Between the Audiosonic frequency ranges of 420 to 60 Hz we offer the widest range of Acoustic Cleaners and we continue to develop and expand on our standard range. We also offer custom designs and special metals for high temperature or acidic gas streams