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Since its formation in 1998, the Primasonics® group has become established as the current, leading European supplier of Sonic Horns and Audiosonic™ Acoustic Cleaning Systems and has in recent years won a number of prestigious DTI awards for its innovative designs and sales to over 50 countries worldwide.

The United States market is proving to be an excellent opportunity for the company's sonic cleaning products. Our US client portfolio includes major corporations such as Procter & Gamble and Cargill and on year on year sales continue to grow as does our base of satisfied customers. Our company's US base is in Minnesota and Primasonics® technical staff regularly visit the United States to present seminars and make on-site inspections. We are currently expanding our network of independent sales reps in the USA.

Known to many within the industry around the world as "the affable Irishman", company founder Donald Cameron offers you the following welcome...

"Primasonics® specializes in sonic horn/acoustic cleaning design, manufacture, sales and service. We offer the widest range of models and installation options. Our Sonic Horn Range is fabricated from 316 grade stainless steel and sometimes specialist stainless steel metals to handle very high temperatures or corrosive gas streams.

Our technical pre-installation and after sales service is second to none and you, our potential new client, can rest assured that you will receive the best professional assistance from both our US or UK bases. This website will provide some insight into the host of dry process/power generation industries and applications which have benefited from the introduction of our sonic technology.

We certainly look forward to working with you to both solve your dry material flow and build up problems and also to build an honest, trusting and professional business relationship. We are a forward thinking company who have a continual R&D program with two leading Acoustic Universities and are experts in the field of sonic material de-bonding."