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Sonic horns provide numerous benefits to be enjoyed by all industries who need to implement material build up solutions. The cement, petrochemical and power generation industries were amongst the first to use sonic horns extensively in their plant operations.

The main benefits of sonic horns are:

  1. Prevention of material build-up in the first instance - the old adage of prevention being better than cure
  2. They provide full surface coverage of pipes and behind other obstacles
  3. All sonic energy goes into particulate debonding over a 360 degree sweep
  4. Downtime on site is minimized
  5. No costly repairs, maintenance or operational costs

Primasonics International Ltd is a world leading supplier of quality sonic horns with a Head Office in the UK, representation in the United States and international network of appointed agents. In recent years the company has won a number of prestigious International Trade Awards in recognition of its innovative work.

Key areas of plant that have benefited from employing Primasonics sonic cleaners are:

  • Silos
  • Hoppers
  • Boilers
  • Super Heaters
  • Economizers
  • Air Heaters
  • ID Fans
  • ESPs
  • Baghouse Filters
  • Cyclones
  • Ducting
  • SCRs

Primasonics sonic horns offer an innovative and effective solution when compared to older alternatives of industrial plant cleaning such as steam soot blowers.