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The cement industry is an industry within which we excel in solving many process and storage problems in both preventing the build-up of particulate, for example within plant Boilers, ID Fans, Filters, ESPs etc. and in ensuring that product does not cause blockages and poor flow, for example within Bins, Silos & Hoppers, Mixers etc.

We are leaders within the field of sonic horn technologies within the cement industry in over fifty countries worldwide.

We are regularly requested to attend cement industry conferences to present technical papers and indeed also to attend 'in-house' company presentations. We have also won many awards for our innovative British design and our export success.

Our unique 60 Hz acoustic horn, the most powerful Audiosonicâ„¢ sonic cleaner available, installed on a 30,000 ton capacity cement silo, preventing material build up on the side walls and ensuring maximum flow. The end result is that this silo can now be used to its maximum capacity.

Higher frequency models can also be installed at the discharge to prevent material bridging and facilitate maximum flow rate. Preventing material build up on ID Fan blades and thus eliminating auto shut down due to high fan vibration levels, is another job well done for our sonic horns within various cement plant process areas such as the clinker ID fan application shown in this photograph (right) of 230 Hz sonic horn housed within its mounting tube.

Our sonic horns, or acoustic cleaners as they are more commonly known, are extremely efficient when installed in all types and sizes of Baghouses. They provide three distinct advantages, firstly they significantly increase filter bag life.

Secondly they reduce the pressure drop across the bags and thirdly, they ensure complete evacuation of material from the walls, between bags and from the hopper as the photograph left shows.

Likewise, our acoustic cleaners can significantly reduce if not eliminate the use of mechanical rapping systems on Electro Static Precipitators (ESP), together with the high maintenance costs associated with this damaging cleaning system.

Our sonic horns will not cause any physical damage as our Audiosonicâ„¢ Acoustic Cleaners operate at frequencies way above those which may cause damage to steel or cement structures.


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