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Removes particles from a flowing gas using induced electrostatic charge

An Electrostatic Precipitator operates on the principle of negatively charging ash particles and then attracting these particles towards the positively charged grounded plates. Here they form a dense layer which is 'removed' by means of banging or 'rapping' the plates externally by means of a mechanical or pneumatic type system. The de-bonded ash then falls into an under hopper and is conveyed away by a mechanical conveyor.

The continual physical rapping of the plates can cause severe damage to the internal electrodes which then snap thus causing section of the ash collection system to become inoperative. Of course usually it is impossible at that time to shut down the ESP and so the overall efficiency of the ESP's operation declines. In addition if the ESP has to be closed down then this results in both considerable down time and repair costs.

In more and more ESP plants, Sonic Horns are employed to either work in tandem with mechanical rapping systems, thus reducing their use, or indeed replacing the old rapping system entirely. Sonic Horns use powerful sonic sound waves operating at frequencies of between 350 Hz and 60 Hz to de-bond the collected ash. They are 'sounded' for a few seconds at periodic intervals and can also ensure that the de-bonded ash does not block in the under hoppers. The result is a tighter control of air pollution emissions. Sonic Horns can also be installed on the ducted inlet of the ESP and effectively clean the turning vanes.

The Sonic Horn Cleaning system can:

  • Either significantly reduce of or totally eliminate mechanical rapping systems
  • Prevent any internal mechanical damage
  • Significantly reduce both down time and maintenance costs
  • Help ensure that the ESP operates at maximum efficiency
  • Help ensure the efficiency of emission control

If you would like us to quote for a solution for your ESP cleaning requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.