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Removes solid particulates from the air

At a Glance

Acoustic Cleaners are being used on reverse air, pulse jet and shaker units. The Acoustic Cleaners are effective in reducing pressure drop across the collection surface, increasing bag life and preventing hopper pluggage.

In Detail

Acoustic Cleaning of Filters can be very beneficial to Filter bag life and lead to significant reduction in compressed air usage. Acoustic Cleaners are generally mounted in the Hopper section below Filter bags where they can also help to clean frame works and keep the Hopper sections free from buildup.

By the sonic cleaning action of Acoustic Cleaners bags do not suffer the same shocks and weave deterioration caused by reverse pulsing and can last up to 1.8 times as long as bags subject to reverse pulsing.

The ability to turn off or reduce the frequency of reverse pulsing helps save compressed air as significant volumes are expended within Filter systems. Acoustic Cleaners help to maintain clean and efficient Filters reducing differential pressure and avoiding any output particulate spiking.