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Why Sonic Soot Blowers are the Preferred De-Slagging Alternative to Steam Soot Blowers

Sonic Soot Blowers are a proven alternative to conventional steam soot blowers in Power Generation plants which burn a range of fossil fuels and other waste fuels including bio fuels, and as a result, suffer Boiler fouling and slagging problems.

Depending on the application and boiler plant design, sonic soot blowers usually totally replace existing high maintenance steam soot blowers whether retractable or rotary. In a few cases, Sonic Soot Blowers can be used to supplement steam soot blowers.

Sonic Soot Blower Cleaning Technologies can be applied in Superheaters, generating sections, Economizers, and Air Heaters as well as downstream equipment such as ESPs, baghouse Filters and Fans.

The main advantages that Sonic Soot Blowers have over the old steam soot blowers are:-

  • Elimination of opacity spikes due to more regular, more efficient cleaning
  • Guarantees not to damage tube bundles or boiler structure
  • Elimination of tube corrosion and erosion problems
  • 360° cleaning of all tube surfaces – not harsh leading edge tube cleaning as with steam soot blowers
  • Prevention of ash build up and sintering on steam tubes due to sonic soot blowers regular operation
  • No costly repair, maintenance or operational costs
  • Eco Friendly – helps to combat global climate change and the effect of global warming