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High temperature water heaters used for the generation of steam or cooling of gasses.

At a Glance

Acoustic Cleaners are being used to clean the heat transfer surfaces in boilers burning a variety of fuels.

Advantages include:

  • Low operational cost
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • No risk of tube corrosion or erosion in many applications
  • The complete elimination of Steam Soot Blowers

In Detail

PrimasonicsĀ® Acoustic Cleaners can be designed into boilers to minimize the size of walkways required for retractable soot blowers and to offer the all-round cleaning that can be achieved with acoustic cleaning.

As Acoustic Cleaning utilises very diffractive low frequency sound waves cleaning can be achieved on all surface areas no matter how they are orientated.

This means that rather than just forcing a gas path to maintain differential pressure across the boiler acoustic cleaners clean all the heat exchange surfaces maintaining thermal efficiency as well as differential pressure.