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Acoustic Cleaning Systems and the Alternatives

Air Cannons & Air Blasters employ a unidirectional 'blast' of high-pressure air to try and remove blockages that have already occurred. That is why you always see groups of Air Cannons on any part of an application. Therefore the initial purchase cost is high as is the installation cost, in addition to the increased cost to satisfy their compressed air requirements.

Primasonics Acoustic Cleaners and Sonic Soot Blowers work to prevent build-up from occurring in the first place rather than simply offer an attempted cure as with Air Cannons. Also remember that sound waves travel in a 360 degree radius at a speed of 344 metres per second (1130 feet per second) through the air and five times the speed through solids, therefore a single Acoustic Cleaner or Sonic Soot Blower can be much more effective at less cost in terms of purchase price, installation and operation.


Multiple Air Cannons

PAS 420 on a Hopper

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