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Acoustic Cleaning Systems and the Alternatives

When it comes to dealing with the problems of material build-up, we believe that prevention is much better than attempted cure.

In the context of Explosive Cleaning, it helps to draw an analogy with an everyday task...such as teeth cleaning. We brush our teeth at least once a day to prevent tartar build-up; much better than leaving it to a dental hygienist to have to painfully knock off once a year! So it is with the difference between constantly preventing ash build-up by using powerful, non-destructive sonic sound waves compared to trying to dislodge a whole years baked on ash with an Explosive Cleaning system (aka Boiler de-slagging).

It simply doesn't make sense to choose to wait a year to have a boiler shut down so that a contractor can use Explosive Cleaning gas balloons inside the Boiler to try and knock down the large, hard deposits, sometimes with damaging results.

When Primasonics Acoustic Cleaners or Sonic Soot Blowers are 'sounded' for just a few seconds every 6-8 minutes, ash can be prevented from building up in the first instance, thus helping to maintain thermal efficiency. The powerful de-bonding sound waves generated by our Acoustic Cleaning Systems do not cause any structural damage and provide a low cost, low maintenance solution. Therefore no more Explosive Cleaning and no more Boiler damage.

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