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Acoustic Cleaning Systems and the Alternatives

Vibrators by their very nature and location have to first pass all their vibrational energy through the wall of the vessel. This results firstly in server loss of power and secondly the damaging transmission of vibration through the vessel can result in metal fracture. Also in many cases, especially on discharge areas from Silos & Hoppers, Vibrators can actually compact the material thus further restricting material flow.

With Primasonics Acoustic Cleaners and Sonic Soot Blowers 100% of the de-bonding power goes into the material without risk of damage to any structure or Silo. We can even supply a technical research report prepared jointly with the University of Liverpool, one of the UK's leading acoustic academic institutions, to prove that our Acoustic Cleaning Systems will not cause any structural damage.


Q2 Sonic Soot Blower

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