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Written by Don on Thursday, 14 August 2014. Posted in Latest News

Taean Thermal Power Plant, Chungnam, South Korea

This 400,000kW coal fired power plant is operated by the Korea Western Power company (KOWEPO) a subsidiary of Korean Electric Power Corporation (KEP).

Our South Korean Agent, Artronix System Co. Ltd, were contacted by the company and asked to propose a solution to the problem of fine particulate build up within their SCR units 9 & 10. Primasonics Sonic Soot Blowers have proved particularly effective for this application as their cleaning range is 100% efficient. Unlike steam soot blowers there is no steam damage to the catalyst, no risk of corrosion and of course no demand for additional steam.


Taean Thermal Power Plant


The Taean Thermal Power Plant


After several site visits and detailed examination of both dimensional drawings and operating conditions, Primasonics International recommended the installation of seventy-two 75Hz Sonic Soot Blowers for units 9 & 10, eighteen units for each of the four layers within the two SCRs.


Installation of the first thirty-six units is currently underway. More to follow soon.



75Hz Sonic Soot Blower


The Taean Power 75Hz Sonic Soot Blower








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